M1 Real Estate has developed multiple properties making sure every project meets exceptional standards of design and execution.

With decades of combined real estate experience, M1 Real Estate develops strategies to focus on investment opportunities with the best risk-adjusted returns. With its global mandate, M1 Real Estate assesses various markets and typologies, annually revisiting investment strategies and revising guidelines. This ensures discipline is always at the heart of the origination process, giving it the framework to find the right opportunities in a well-thought-out manner.


The search for the right opportunities can be complicated:the inherent risks can deter all but the most experienced investors. Through its wide real estate network and multinational presence, M1 Real Estate is constantly looking far and wide for the best available opportunities. For each opportunity, we perform careful and meticulous due diligence to ensure every detail of the deal is examined. In each case, our investment managers work hand in hand with the asset management and development management teams to create a well-researched business plan that will yield the highest potential from each property.


Each acquisition is analyzed according to capital value, running yield, geared and ungeared internal rate of returns,
replacement costs, and its marginal impact on our portfolio KPIs.

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